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Get Mexico Car Insurance To Take That Trip Of A Lifetime
Peter Crump

If youíre planning on spending any amount of time in Mexico then you are going to need special Mexico car insurance. This is a whole different ball game than what we are used to in our country so be prepared for a different type of driving also. Driving in Mexico is very hectic and drivers often bump into you at stoplights and intersections. There is also the danger of having your car stolen while you are in Mexico, especially if you are diving through small towns. Your general car insurance only covers you for about 25 miles inside the Mexican border, so you do need to inquire about Mexico car insurance.

Any car insurance youíve carried before now doesnít mean a thing in Mexico. The minimum insurance required in Mexico is civil liability insurance, which covers you in case you cause injury or damage while youíre there. This is why you have to apply for Mexico car insurance.

If you are only going to be in Mexico, for about six months then you can apply for short term Mexico auto insurance. If you are renting a car, check with your credit card because they usually provide auto insurance in this case, but it is advised that you purchase the Mexico car insurance anyway. If you get into an accident you may not be able to leave the country until the damage is paid for.

There are some things you have to do to get your car into Mexico. Youíll need a tourist card and a temporary vehicle importation permit that you can get at the border. There are some documents that you will have to show such as proof of car ownership, proof of registration, affidavits from any liens, an American driverís licence, and proof of citizenship. If your car insurance company doesnít issue Mexico car insurance, you can purchase it when you cross the border.

If you donít want to have to use your Mexico car insurance right away then you have to avoid driving at night. Road fatalities are three times greater at this time. There are lots of cars without taillights that could cause you to use your auto insurance before you want to. You will find that there are very few overhead lights in the small towns to help you, meaning you canít see the numerous pot holes that are there. This could cause you to a have an accident where you would have to use your short term Mexico auto insurance and you want to avoid this if at all possible. Enjoy your stay in Mexico but keep in mind you are in another country and what you have learned about traffic in your lifetime does not always apply here.

If you plan to go to Mexico you definitely need Mexico car insurance.

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For a website all about Car Insurance visit Peter's Website Car Insurance Answers at find out about Car Insurance as well as Cheap Car Insurance at more, including Online Car Insurance Quotes, Car Insurance Rates and UK Car Insurance.

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